Healthy changes for a healthier life

Clover Pediatric Wellness is an integrative metabolic and weight management medical practice that looks at your child as a whole person.

At Clover, we recognize that every child and every family is unique. We take the time to identify the specific goals and challenges your family is facing and help you address them.

We dive deep into all aspects of your child’s well-being including nutrition, physical activity, sleep, emotional health, family and social circumstances to create a plan with you that works for your child and your family.

Childhood metabolic health and weight management is more complicated than eating less and moving more. Whether your goal is weight loss, weight maintenance, or improved metabolic health, we're here to help you navigate through this complex journey with a blend of complementary and conventional therapies to create an effective plan for your child.

Our plans are...



We design plans with your family unit in mind



We provide an evidence-based blend of therapies



We design a plan for your child's specific needs



We help patients achieve long-term healthy living

What to expect


First Appointment

At your first appointment (whether virtual or in-person in Tulsa, OK), we'll go over your child's daily routine — everything from sleep to activities, social interactions, family, and nutrition.

Next, we'll formulate an ongoing action plan that works for your family, including how to implement change, overcome barriers, and monitor for success. This process usually takes about 60-90 minutes.

After your visit, you will have full access to the online course Sustainable Weight Management for Kids and the online community.

Follow Up Appointment

Follow up appointments are opportunities to review changes, successes, and challenges since your last visit.

We'll take another look at your child’s daily routine, as life with kids changes throughout the year. We will also discuss how to overcome obstacles or adjust goals as necessary. Follow ups usually take about 45-60 minutes.


Schedule a virtual visit with Dr. Meade today to begin your child’s journey to health and wellness.

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